Kevin Sebastian Luck

Assistant Professor in Robot Learning & Reinforcement Learning
Computational Intelligence Group @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Kevin Sebastian Luck

Assistant Professor

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computatioal Intelligence Group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Here, I am working on multiple different topics in the field of robot learning, primarily in the area of deep reinforcement learning.

One area of particular interest of mine is the combination of deep reinforcement learning with evolutionary principles, for the development of AI-assisted design methodologies and physical/embodied intelligence, to allow robots to co-adapt both their behaviour and morpoholgy.

Before I joined Amsterdam I worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Aalto University and the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence in Espoo (Helsinki), Finland, where I am/was hosted by the Intelligent Robotics Group of Ville Kyrki.

Keywords: (Deep) Reinforcement Learning, Robot Learning, Embodied Intelligence, Evolving Robots


Jul 15, 2024 Congratulations to Sergio Hernandez! Our paper Following Ancestral Footsteps: Co-Designing Agent Morphology and Behaviour with Self-Imitation Learning won the best paper award at the R:SS Workshop on Embodiment-Aware Robot Learning (EARL).
Jul 15, 2024 I gave an invited talk at the R:SS Workshop on Embodiment-Aware Robot Learning (EARL) with the title “Co-Adaptation of Robot Design & Behavior: A Reinforcement Learning Perspective”.
Jul 10, 2024 We are hiring: We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher interested to work on Large Language Models, Representation Learning and Robot Learning. In the context of the NWO funded project TeNet we have a short-term postdoctoral position at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for a maximum of 1 year, with the possibility of a research visit at the Finnish Center for AI and Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, including a secondment to FCAI for 2-3 months. If this sounds interesting to you, consider applying here.
Jun 04, 2024 Our work on automated chemical experiments with robots powered by reinforcement learning got accepted to CASE 2024! Congratulations to the lead author and professor/lecturer Gabriella Pizzuto, check out her awesome research in lab robotics here. Find the arxiv version of the paper here.
May 14, 2024 Are you interested in working with me as a PhD student? Then have a look at our job opening for a 4-year PhD position in Robot Learning and Representation Learning at the VU Amsterdam. Deadline is 30th of June, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Apr 29, 2024 I will be on part-time parental leave with changing patterns until November 2024. I may be slow to react to emails, review invitations etc.
Apr 29, 2024 I am co-organizer and editor for the ELLIS Robust ML & ELLIS Robust Large Language Models workshops to be held in Oxford, UK, and Helsinki, Finland. Consider attending and submitting!
Apr 05, 2024 I am a recipient of the NWO AIned XS grant provided by the Dutch Research Council and the AIned Foundation. In this projct we will be developing new methods using Large Language Models for policy generation for real-world robotics. Sounds interesting? Keep a look out for our postdoc advertisement and more details in the near future!
Apr 05, 2024 I will be giving an invited talk about our research on co-adapting robot morphology and behaviour with reinforcement learning at the EARL workshop. Are you also working on Co-Adaptation/Co-Design of robots or evolutionary robots? Consider submitting a workshop paper and let’s chat at R:SS 2024 in Delft, The Netherlands!
Feb 16, 2024 Maria Sliacka’s paper about Co-Imagination, model-based Co-Design of agent’s body and behaviour with dreaming/data-augmentation, is published by Springer. Congratulations!
Feb 01, 2024 I will be Editor for the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems (IROS) 2024
Nov 20, 2023 Currently evaluating reinforcement learning on biological systems: I am on parental leave until February 2024
Nov 15, 2023 I am one of three finalists for the Outstanding Associate Editor Award at the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems 20203
Sep 20, 2023 Our papers on disentangled representations for RL and Equivariances in Neural Processes got accepted to NeurIPS 2023!
Sep 20, 2023 I presented our paper on Model-Based Co-Adaptation at LOD 2023

selected publications

  1. Sparse latent space policy search
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    In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence , 2016
  2. From the Lab to the Desert: Fast Prototyping and Learning of Robot Locomotion
    Kevin Sebastian Luck ,  Joseph Campbell ,  Michael Jansen ,  Daniel Aukes ,  and  Heni Ben Amor
    In Proceedings of Robotics: Science and Systems , Jul 2017
  3. Data-efficient Co-Adaptation of Morphology and Behaviour with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Kevin Sebastian Luck ,  Heni Ben Amor ,  and  Roberto Calandra
    In Proceedings of the Conference on Robot Learning , 30 oct–01 nov 2020
  4. Conditional Mutual Information for Disentangled Representations in Reinforcement Learning
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  5. Co-imitation: learning design and behaviour by imitation
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